Assam is famous for exactly two things…..Tea and the world famous Kaziranga National Park. Home of some of the last Indian Tigers and Rhinos. It is fairly flat there and the largest town being  in all North East India Guwahati has really not much to offer. But Kaziranga is really worth the effort to come this long way. Most people getting up very early to catch up an elephant ride to get up close and personal with the animals since they are not afraid of the elephants. It is a wonderful experince when the early morning fog is coming up while the sun awakes. You are sitting on the tall creatures while you walk to the large bushgrass up to three meters high. There are lots of Rhinos around looking really like Dinosaurs. The chance of actually seeing a Tiger are much lower unfortuntately.

In fact our Guide told us that he hadn´t seen onces since four months. But the huge numbers of other animals equals it easily. There are virtually hundreds of Deers, Buffalos and quite a number of Rhinos around. What makes it really so special is that you are so close to them that you can almost touch them. The tea plantations are the second highlight. Hundreds of kilometer of one plantation after the other giving the scenery a fairly boring look, but the tee is just great. Walking around the plantations shows gives you an inside look of the hard enduring work the workers have to do. Nevertheless the people of Assam were always very friendly and open minded to us. See my book.


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