Last week I sat down with our friend Janina Breitling of Bärti Muss Mit and had a great chat and new podcast. Janina and my wife, Samantha, met in Ubud, Bali, during our round the world trip, in a local restaurant. I was in Papua New Guinea during the time, so it was only natural two moms traveling with their kids- and both in Germany- would become friends.

Since then, Janina has been traveling almost full-time with her little son, Max. They’ve been everywhere and are making a mark on travelers in Germany and around the world. It is very impressive to see how they have made it happen as full-time travelers and to such adventurous places. Currently she is in my wife’s hometown of Encinitas, California, where we caught up. See My book.

Enjoy the new podcast.

New Podcast

Janina Breitling, German travel blogger Baerti Muss Mit.

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