Our recent round-the-world trip with our daughter is featured on Passion Passport. Check it out!

“Babies are door openers: no matter where we’ve been, with the Kuna Yala Indians in the San Blas Islands, local Japanese in Hokkaido or tribal women in Vanuatu, everyone jumps at the chance to hold a baby. She is still young enough that she can nap pretty much anywhere, which is a huge advantage with this type of trip. It allows us to be flexible with our plans, but also meeting her needs. She’s reaching her milestones in all of these different cultures. For example, she got her first tooth in Hokkaido and is learned how to swim in the South Pacific. Her playgrounds are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, airports and beaches. Her friends are local kids or fellow travelers’ children: we’ve adapted to her needs and she has adapted to being on the road with us.”



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