In August I begin a Round the World trip for 13 months. It’s actually more a 1 1/2 round the world trip. My focus will be the southern hemisphere were I stay 11 from the 13 months. The start will be in Papua New Guinea and the Salomons. After that I will be buying a car in Australia and travel for 3 months there, plus Tasmania and Lord Howe islands. In the end of November I will fly to Ushuaia from where I will board an icebreaker  ship for a 22 day trip into the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica. After that trip I will make way up north through the Argentinian provinces I haven’t seen before, than on to Paraguay and Brazil where I stay until Carnaval. Right after I will fly to New Zealand where I stay for around six weeks. In the beginning of April I will board a cruise boat which I photograph on a trip through very remote places from the South Pacific till Micronesia. From there on to Hawaii and Vancouver. Here I will buy another car for a trip from the East to the West coast of Canada. I will add some provinces in the US and hop up north into the Arctic. Labrador, Newfoundland and the New England states down to New York will be than the end of the trip.

Here is a map of the trip:


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