bangladeshThere are many prejudies for Bangladesh well and many are true. But if you take a second look this country has a lot to offer. It doesn´t really have many tourists sights like neighbouring India or Nepal but its true highlight are its people which will definitely always give you a smile and of course many curious questions.

For me Bangladesh has some of the friendliest people I ever experienced. Living under circumstances most people would expect very grim faces as you very often experience in China. But it is just in contrary. I had not even one bad experience with anybody there just friendly people whereever you look.

The only really bad things I experienced was the incredible traffic there, something I really couldn´t possibly think of. The bus drivers are so mad that you are always with one foot standing in your grave. Their slogan is “the might is right” so braking is not really an option for them. They overtake in places we would never even think of. Fortunately the speed is not as high as in industrial countries that in most of the times there remains some space. Well if not….than that is what you hear in the news.

Live in Bangladesh happens mainly around the huge waterways. These rivers make every huge stream in Europe or in the US looking like a little creek. So obviously there are hardly any bridges and extremely overcrowded ferries bring you to the other side. In the dry season no problem but in the rainy season…..that is what you than hear in the news again. Know more


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